FDPA Toolkit


Below is a description of a toolkit for legislators and municipality officials:

  • Use a 1″ view-front (a clear pocket to hold 8.5×11) binder.
  • Some binders have a pocket inside the front cover that can hold a biz card (see note at the bottom).
  • You might also upload any of the files in the binder (see section below) on a flash drive and attach it to the inside of the binder.
  • Legislators and municipalities respond to constituents and situations differently so the composition of the toolkit must be adapted.


March 2018 pages (many outdated as of 3/17/19):

March 2019 pages (the best available as of 3/17/19) :

FDPA’s web page offers excellent resources to prepare you for the visit:

BUSINESS CARDS- a professional touch

  • My card is in .pub (MS Publisher) format, which can’t be uploaded to WordPress. The files print 10 cards, front and back, on Avery 8876 sheets. Email me directly at jfmclaugh @ gmail.com and I’ll send a generic .pub file.
  • Alternate method : If you don’t have Publisher, I created a MS Word version. You may be able to work with it on either a PC or a Mac.  My version of Word (Office 2016 Standard) doesn’t  allow publishing on Avery 8876, so an alternate to Publisher must be found.  Here are some possibilities for Mac users: 10 Free and Affordable Alternatives to Publisher for Mac