Our vision is to train and support the staff and volunteers of community organizations and nonprofits in order to maximize their web access and information technology.

NonProfit Tech provides assistance to community organizations and nonprofits designed to improve web access and information and computer technology. We also help with immediate tech needs and problems.

Joseph F. McLaughlin
Joe McLaughlin is a life-long resident of Pittsburgh, PA and a graduate of the University of Dayton. He taught high school physics for 30 years, and found that he enjoyed helping other teachers with rapidly-evolving computers and new information technologies. Because of this interest, Joe earned the Educational Technology Integration Specialist Certificate from the Pennsylvania State University (online) World Campus in 2001. He is also an A+ Certified Computer Service Professional.

After retiring from the classroom, he sought a worthwhile outlet for his modest skills and abundant enthusiasm. Nonprofit and community agencies and organizations, he finds, have a great need for technical assistance, and Joe enjoys tutoring and helping agency staff in managing their websites and technologies as well as serving as “Mr. Fixit”.

He also mentors software engineering students enrolled in Technology Consulting in the Community, a service learning course in the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science. Students in this course develop technical consulting and management skills while collaborating on site with a leader of a local nonprofit or community organization, stressing sustainability in the organization’s use of technology.

Joe was the Robotics Educator for the Carnegie Science Center roboworld, the world’s largest permanent robotics exhibit. He developed web content and lesson plans for the exhibit, as well as exploring resources in robotics.

Joe now serves as Lead Ambassador for the CMU/Pitt Quality of Life Technology Center (QoLT). QoLT’s compelling mission is developing technologies that help older adults and people with disabilities to remain independent.  QoLT is a National Science Foundation Center Engineering Research Center and a collaboration of the CMU Robotics Institute and the University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.  If you haven’t heard about quality of life technology yet, just wait and see some of the wonders it will produce to make our lives more comfortable and fruitful.

NonProfit Tech and QoLT are his ways of serving the community. He is living proof that you get more than you give when you volunteer for worthwhile causes.

Joe is also proud to serve as Trail Steward for the North Shore and Strip District portions of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail.  Friends of the Riverfront maintains these trails. Not to mention his reign as “Bicycle Czar” for Shaler Township!

Married to Cheryl for many fine years, Joe lives in Shaler, and has two adult daughters, Bethany and Megan. His interests are traveling, bicycling, family activities, and wonderful times with his three four grandchildren.