FDPA is Fair Districts PA, a nonpartisan, statewide coalition of individuals and organizations working to ensure Pennsylvania’s redistricting process is transparent, impartial, accountable, and fair. Our objective is to eliminate gerrymandering in Pennsylvania, widely recognized as one of the most gerrymandered states in the US, by amending the PA Constitution.

FDPA Redistricting Values and Policies

Joe McLaughlin is a speaker for FDPA.  Go here to schedule a speaker.

Download the Chariers-Houston Library presentation on March 27.

Attend Attend Rally Day in Harrisburg on April 16


  • My card is in .pub (MS Publisher) format, which can’t be uploaded to WordPress. The files print 10 cards, front and back, on Avery 8876 sheets. Email me directly at jfmclaugh @ gmail.com and I’ll send them along.
  • Alternate method : If you don’t have Publisher, I created a MS Word version. You may be able to work with it on either a PC or a Mac.  My version of Word (Office 2016 Standard) doesn’t  allow publishing on Avery 8876, so an alternate to Publisher must be found.  Here are some possibilities for Mac users: 10 Free and Affordable Alternatives to Publisher for Mac


Below is a description of a toolkit for legislators and municipality officials:

  • It’s a lime green (perfect FDPA color) view-front (a clear pocket to hold 8.5×11) binder from our local Office Max for $4.99 (unfortunately I couldn’t find it for reference on their web site).
  • Inside is a short clear pocket in which I stuck 2 biz cards from above (one shows front, the other back).
  • You might also upload any of the files in the binder (see section below) on a tiny flash drive and attach it to the inside of the binder.

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Most of the following files are found in the FDPA Dropbox site, but not everyone has access, and even if you do some work goes into finding them.  So I included pages that you probably want to add to the binder.

Please be aware that this is a work in progress, and every legislator and municipality responds to constituents and situations differently; the maps referenced in the ToC, for example, may need to be altered for different areas.

Hopefully you have a “legislator whisperer” like ours who guides us! Be sure to visit FDPA’s site page on visits to legislators. Here’s an excellent video on the subject: Effective Lobbying: The Advocacy Team Approach. (Note that the information about worksheets is wrong.  The correct location in the FDPA Dropbox is “Training Materials”)