MOH (March On Harrisburg) is an organization dedicated to three political goals in Pennsylvania: ending gerrymandering, instituting a gift ban, and automatic voter registration. We use 3 tactics to achieve these goals: community-powered lobbying, marching, and non-violent civil disobedience. Learn more here.

MOH has identified a set of PA districts in which we ask candidates to post a “democracy page” to their web site. District 30 is one of those. If you reside in District 30 (if uncertain complete this form)  we’re asking you to give us permission to add your name and municipality to the following letter we’re sending to Rep. Lori Mizgorski, requesting her to create her own democracy page:

“Dear Representative Lori Mizgorski,

We are constituents of the 30th House District. We are writing to you today to request a phone meeting or Zoom meeting with you as part of the Democracy Page project of MarchOnHarrisburg.

MarchOnHarrisburg is a nonpartisan, state-wide, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to ending corruption in Pennsylvania and making our democracy more open and transparent than it has ever been. We advocate for pro-democracy legislation by lobbying, marching, and engaging in nonviolent civil disobedience. Currently, we are working to pass legislation that would end legalized bribery, end gerrymandering, and expand voting rights.

We are concerned about the loss of trust between the citizens and our representatives. For the past three years, we have been meeting with members of the General Assembly and candidates for the General Assembly to talk about this loss of trust and what can be done to restore it. As part of our work, we have initiated a “Democracy Page” project in several districts around the Commonwealth.

Here is a web page that very briefly describes the project. We have also published a “menu” of reforms that are contemplated in Pennsylvania or already in place in other states. On the menu, we link to background information about these solutions. On this page  you can link through to several examples of candidate’s Democracy Pages from our pilot project in the 2020 primary election.

Our goal is to stimulate a lively conversation about the need for reform in Harrisburg and each candidate’s plans to help create a healthy democracy. We ask legislators and candidates to post, on their websites, on their Democracy Page, their assessment of the problems that our democracy faces and the solutions that they support.

This year, as more and more voters choose to vote by mail they will have the time to review each candidate’s website. We expect that voters will appreciate being able to review your plans. We are eager to speak with you at your earliest possible convenience to discuss these issues. Could you suggest a couple of times that are good for you so we and other constituents and advocates can speak for 45 minutes or so?”

Of course we want as many co-signers from District 30 as possible for this letter. If you’re willing to add your name, please let us know.

For more information about MOH, as well as the efforts of FDPA (Fair Districts PA) to eliminate gerrymadering, click here.