EDZ logo 2111Focusing on sustainability and feasibility, the Energy Discovery Zone (EDZ) program uses actual professional equipment and systems to educate students about concepts such as conventional and alternative energy while giving them the chance to use what they learned in the real world.

The Energy Discovery Zone includes:

  • SOLAR POWER STATION PLATFORMS: AYA Instruments, EDZ’s parent company, installed custom-designed sustainable energy platforms at the Community Day School and West Allegheny Middle School. A trifold brochure is available.
  • DAVIS WEATHERLINK: WeatherLink is a professional-grade weather detection system that provides access to both local and world-wide weather data collection and analysis.
  • SUSTAINABILITY CURRICULUM: The primary focus of EDZ is the creation of a K-12 curriculum to support the alternative energy installations.
  • EMPLOYMENT FOCUSED LEARNING PLATFORM: EDZ is developing an all-in-one learning platform that utilizes cutting edge technologies designed to teach students critical thinking and interpersonal skills. The purpose of this program is to help them gain employment while learning about sustainability. Proposed areas of training include industry-specific skills such as modifying vehicles like the mobile classroom for increased sustainability and utility.