ElderBots is a program conducted by the Carnegie Mellon University Quality of Life Technology Center. The main goals of ElderBots are to:
• improve the quality of life for older adults by facilitating intergenerational contact, and,
• instill in teenagers a sense of volunteerism and potential career choices that benefit older generations and the communities they share.
ElderBots promotes informal intergenerational contacts through the use of a small, appealing, low-cost, mobile robot named EB. Participating organizations and facilities serving older adults are teamed with local high schools that recruit students to visit the older adults, interacting on an informal basis through the use of EB. The ElderBots program, therefore, addresses the critical problems of loneliness, isolation, and depression among older adults, and the decreasing level of social interaction found widely throughout our society.
The program will also leverage robotics as a very effective means of teaching advanced technologies. Additionally, while it may exist in a school as either an accredited course or an extracurricular activity, students will find it useful in building their academic and volunteer portfolios. Visit our blog.


Quality of Life Technology Center

QoLT is a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh/ Carnegie Mellon University whose mission is to design intelligent systems to help older people and people with disabilities to remain independent. Joe McLaughlin is QoLT’s Lead Ambassador.

Visit the QoLT Education/Outreach/Diversity site for more information.


The Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management offers capacity-building services for nonprofits throughout the region. Joe serves with the Executive Service Corps under BCNM. Joe recently taught a class on Project Management Software.


Joe McLaughlin was the Robotics Educator for the Carnegie Science Center roboworld.


NonProfit Tech is an organization that helps nonprofit organizations with:

  • Technology planning
  • Web site assistance and design
  • Ongoing technical support


We offer information technology planning and support for non-profits and community organizations. For instance, we train volunteers and staff to maintain web sites. We will help organizations produce web sites through WordPress.com.

Our services are offered primarily on a non-fee, voluntary basis. However, we do accept payment for projects that fall within the scope of grants obtained by our client organizations.